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BOOKED @ Muse: Khanyi Magubane

MC Khanyi Magubane

Khanyi Magubane‘s spirit lifts her words from the tongue to the conscience of poetry lovers at home and abroad. The muse found herself in the company of words penned by the talented radio presenter, performance poet and writer for an upcoming poetry presentation called “Body of Words”. Khanyi’s poems speak in love and in defence of women and girls’ rights. Her poetry addresses serious social ills in a wit that makes them flow almost into comedy or satire.

Her strong voice captures SAfm listeners where she hosts the popular gospel and spirituality show Living Sounds on Sundays between 6-8pm. “When I started the show in 2006, it was an hour long, and was really just music. It currently creates a space where people are free to talk about their deepest hurts and pains as well as joys, and we try to collectively help each other,”she says. She also hosts Art Matters, an arts show on Fridays where she discusses different art forms – from visual arts to art films and contemporary dance, theatre and musicals.

Khanyi was recently nominated for a young achievers award in the inaugural MTN Radio Awards.

Her work has been published in several anthologies which include Botsotso‘s Sections of Six, UKZN PressBasadzi Voices, literary journal Words etc, and British literary journal Sable. In between rehearsals for the Body of Words threatrical poetry performance opening at the Market Theatre Lab on Friday May 14 at 20:00, Khanyi immerses herself in Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father.


I heard the flesh speak
February 2005

I’ve been empty for too long to be filled like a common whore
On the corner of desperation and self-loathing avenue!

Look at me…Damn it I said look at me!

Or maybe just come closer and smell me.
But please sir, do not be confused.
Each man has his own smell, his own place on this body.

I’ve been empty for too long to be filled on a street bench,
Listening to the mockingbird and leaves turning their faces
and the wind escaping-the wind; at least give me the wind to
calm me. Now its just silence beyond the thrusts, I can no longer
feel him. Now, I listen to the thoughts I have won 24 gold medals
for every day on the run.

Can I have some of that salvation sir?
Give me some of that salvation and grace and mercy and faith sir.
Will that make me high? I need a high to forget right now.

What is this army? This army running towards me, lifting me, lifting
Me, lifting me; sir, this army is men and women with bright coloured
Faces on fire-they lift me, lift me, and then they drop me again. O’ sir, such
Pleasure. Just once, fill me like a sophisticated mistress bending over her
life and touching nothing of its decay. But please, pastor, righteous man of
the cloth, if you must sin, not with me. I’ve been empty for too long
to be filled like a common whore between no esteem or hope boulevard.


Silent Questions
15 December 2006

Why you always gotta go?
Leaving me still beautifully aching,
Wanting more.
Its seems all too soon.

Is it the silence of this eerie night?
Bodies panting, minds racing, emotions

Why do you always stare at my bemused face
when you dress in the natural light of the night?

I can still see your face you know,
half adoring me, half cursing me.

Where are you going?
I would understand if you had a family waiting for you.
I would understand that you are more
Than just my lover.

That sometimes you must assume your other
Roles – father, husband, son, friend, brother.

But, I know you have no one.
Stay with me.
Hold me, a little longer.

The grimace on your face smacks of guilt.
What we do, does it make you feel guilty?
Leave you feeling dirty?
Why than, do you always return?
Why do you always rip your own wound

Sometimes, I pity you.
But most times, I envy you.
A free agent, tied to nothing
And no one.

Or maybe, you are tied
To the illusion of the life you wish you
Had, yet one you can never fulfill in reality.

Come, my love, come back to sleep.
Stop this foolish talk of leaving.

– Copyright Khanyi Magubane


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