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BOOKED @ Muse: Maserame June Madingwane

June Madingwane

The Naming of KeaMaserame June Madingwane is a community activist worth taking note of. Issues that weigh us down with their monotony, such as unemployment and homelessness, are a fresh daily challenge for the Kimberley-born artist and writer.

Maserame writes short stories, poetry, children’s literature and book reviews, among others. She has recently published The Naming of Kea, a children’s book (left), with Maskew Miller Longman.

The single mother of two is a ‘fundi’ at Unisa, with Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Communications and Public Relations under her belt. She has travelled and lived around many of South Africa’s urban and rural areas and currently resides in Johannesburg.

June Madingwane

Maserame is reading Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion and Chris van Wyk’s Shirley Goodness and Mercy. The latter serves as a guideline for a novel she is working on titled Touching the Past, Waltzing to the Future. She is also working on three new childrens books.

Maserame has been board member for the Timbila poetry project and currently coordinates monthly poetry sessions for the project. “I believe that writers need a platform to express themselves and also share their creativity,” she says.


This man

He is sprawled in front of the
Universal church in Bree street.
With one hand clutching his manhood,
As if to protect it from being stolen while asleep.
His colorless shoes are caked in age old dirt.
The legs sticking out of the torn pants
Reflect that they have not been washed
in ages
layers and layers of clothes on his body
also shine from being unwashed

For him, any space is his sanctuary.
He is oblivious to the noise of passersby,
The roaring buses and hooting taxis.
Life seems simple to him,
No bills to worry about,
No thoughts to give him insomnia…
The only thing that matters
Is to get drunk and pass out,
Get drunk and pass out….
And get drunk some more

– copyright Maserame June Madingwane


Kgosi ya magaga

Tii tii potee, tii tii poteeKe monna wa motsumi
Senatla sa naga. Senatla sa mmala wa sebilo.
O tshematshema jaaka Mmutla
O matlho aa bo gale jaaka Tau.
O tsamaya jaaka Lekakaiye
Ha a batalela dibataladi
O kukunela dibataladi
Tse di mo bataletseng
Ga di mmone ha a di kukunela
Ka go nne bataletse jaaka noga.
Lerumo la gagwe ga le fose
Le ratha jaaka tladimothwana
Mmele bolaye ka setuu.
O a nyenya ha a bona tiro E e tswileng matsogo.
Tii tii potee, tii tii potee
Ke monna wa motsumi
Senatla sa kgalagadi
Ngaka ya malwetse o tlheSenatla mo gare ga dinatla.
Tii tii potee, tii tii potee
Ke senatla sa kgalagadi
Senatla se se mabela
Kgosi ya nagaKgosi ya magaga
Tii tii potee, tii tii potee!

– copyright Maserame June Madingwane


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